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Advice, planning and compliance for individuals, funds, trusts and corporations, including US expansion, 受到复杂而富有挑战性的美国税收制度的影响, wherever they may be in the world.

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Welcome to USTAXFS

就像我们35年前成立时一样,高度独立, and with offices in London, Zurich, Geneva, and the Nordics, we do US tax advice, compliance and planning better. 通过投资于专业人才和授权我们的专业员工, our teams of US and US/UK tax accountants and US attorneys provide a world-class service you can rely on. Delivering consistently high-quality, compliant filing and planning decisions, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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Private Client & Individual
US and UK Tax Services

根据法律规定,所有美国人都必须提交年度所得税申报表和所需的信息申报表, to report worldwide income, capital gains and non-US assets, no matter where they live. This can be complicated and daunting, therefore, 我们的私人客户团队在美国税务的各个方面都有丰富的经验和最新的知识, including tax return preparation, compliance and planning. Find Out More

由于跨境财务规划和国际税收问题比较复杂, our Private Client Group includes highly qualified experts in both US and UK tax advisory and compliance for US-connected individuals, 包括美国/英国跨境税务筹划的复杂专业知识. We are also members of the GGI Global network with professional tax and legal advisors in 126 countries around the world to support complex multi-jurisdictional cases. Find Out More

Our dedicated local teams based in Zurich and Geneva specialize in all aspects of US tax advisory and compliance services. Expats ourselves, living and working in Switzerland, 我们会说多种语言,对当地文献有深刻的理解, regulations and cantonal systems, as well as how to navigate international tax. Find Out More

Many American citizens who have lived outside the United States for a number of years find it increasingly difficult to reconcile paying and reporting taxes on worldwide income to the US. 出于个人或经济原因,个人可能决定放弃其美国公民身份. Under certain circumstances, 然后,美国可能会在移民时征收移民税或“美国出境税”. Find Out More

Trusts, Estates & Family Offices
US-Connected Tax Services

There are many benefits of using a trust, including asset protection and management, 代际规划和所得税和遗产税的目的. However, the US tax treatment of trusts can be complex, so our dedicated US Trust division offers up-to-the-minute advice and ensures you avoid the substantial compliance issues that affect US taxes on foreign income. Find Out More

美国纳税人经常参加外国养老金计划,因为这些计划可能很有用, tax preferred, 税务居民所在司法管辖区的投资工具, 但在其他司法管辖区受到不同的对待. 在向美国国税局报告时也会出现复杂性, 鉴于对违规行为的巨额处罚. 但我们可以帮助您,无论您是美国个人还是养老金提供者. Find Out More

生前或死后的转让将对美国遗产和赠与税产生影响. We review your income and estate plan completely for US tax implications and assist in the development of a lifetime gifting program, or appropriate estate structure, 当不可避免的事情发生时,尽量减少影响. 我们还为公民和非美国居民准备赠与税申报表和遗产税申报表. Find Out More

失去一个人从来都不是一件容易的事,没有管理一个人的财产的复杂性. We can work with your advisors and help navigate the process during this difficult time to ensure the complexities of the estate and its US tax compliance are in order. Find Out More

Funds & Partnerships
US-Connected Tax Services

Investment Funds with US investors and/or US investments have extensive US reporting requirements. To navigate the extremely complex US tax system, our dedicated team of highly experienced, fund-focused US tax professionals offer customized services for every stage of a fund’s lifecycle. This includes structuring, advice on including US investors, US tax compliance and support for a clean exit.  We specialise in K-1, K-2 and K-3 reporting for investors, CFCs (Controlled Foreign Corporation), 以及PFIC(被动外国投资公司)测试. Find Out More

与公司相比,国内和国外的合伙企业都有不同的税收待遇. 他们提交年度信息申报表,但自己不缴纳所得税. Instead, 他们将利润或亏损分配给合伙人(个人), corporations, trusts) using K-1 forms. 在私募股权和风险投资中常见的有限合伙企业就属于这一类. 在美国开展业务的外国合伙企业通常会提交美国合伙企业收入申报表, and non-US partners may need to file US non-resident income tax returns (individuals) or a US Income Tax Return of a Foreign Corporation (corporations). Non-US partnerships with US partners may face complex US reporting requirements even without US operations. Find Out More

Entities that are either a US-based or foreign partnership are required to designate a Partnership Representative to serve as the direct contact with the IRS for all taxable years. We are well placed to be a trusted and knowledgeable Partnership Representative to limited partners, general partners and limited liability companies. Find Out More

Corporations, US Expansion & FATCA

公司与合伙企业等其他商业实体有不同的税收待遇.  作为一家综合性的跨国税务律师和会计师事务所, we work with many types of corporate entities where there are US connections and are an attractive alternative to the Big Four in terms of fees, 在多个司法管辖区工作的经验和证明的历史. 我们以咨询身份为企业提供支持,并通过我们的美国合规服务套件为企业提供支持. Find Out More

美国仍然是寻求扩大业务规模的公司的重点市场, particularly with US-based investment, but the regulations and set-up can be daunting. 我们的专业美国拓展团队就如何在美国设立公司向企业提供建议, including on a Federal and State level. 我们与美国移民公司建立了关系, commercial law, fund raising, sales tax and various government agencies including SelectUSA (a commercial arm of the US government) and the UK Department for Business and Trade. Find Out More

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a US federal law that is intended to target US Persons who may be concealing assets held in foreign accounts. 当相关金融机构根据FATCA识别其美国客户时, they must report them to the IRS.  如果纳税人的美国纳税申报表或信息报告没有提交, or incorrectly filed, 这位美国纳税人可能会受到民事处罚,甚至可能受到刑事指控, and the bank may be fined. 我们可以帮助您将您的文件更新并符合要求. Find Out More

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